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Dallas Bail Bonds Co-Signer Responsibilities

Dallas Bail Bonds Co-Signer Responsibilities

So you just got THAT phone call! Your family member or friend as been arrested and they need your help. They’ve asked you to find a Dallas Bail Bonds company and get a bond posted as quickly as possible. You haven’t ever done this before, so you hit the internet and start searching, trying to find a company that is reputable and that will answer the many questions you have.

You call several bail bonds companies and start asking questions. You soon discover that getting bail bonds doesn’t just mean running down to the local bail bondsman’s office and forking over some cash, you’re going to be required to sign paperwork. That paperwork includes accepting the responsibility of being the Indemnitor for the bond – in other words – you will be required to co-sign for the bond which makes you responsible for paying the bond amount if the defendant doesn’t satisfy the requirements for keeping the bond in place.

Co-Signing For Bail Bonds Should Be Taken Seriously

When you’re dealing with Dallas Bail Bonds companies you should understand some basic principles regarding co-signing for a defendant’s bail. First, you should never co-sign for someone you don’t know, or for someone who you believe may not satisfy the requirements of the bond once they are released from jail. Those requirements will include checking in with the bail bonds company on a scheduled basis, and they will also include showing up for all court appearances on time until the case is resolved.

If you, the potential co-signer, feels the defendant is not reliable enough to perform these tasks, then you should think twice about indemnifying […]

How To Dress For Your Dallas County Court Appearance -Part 2

Dallas Bail Bondsman’s Advice on How To Dress For Your Dallas County Court Appearance

This is the second installment in our series on how to dress for your court appearances and courtroom etiquette in Dallas County, and any other county court.

When we last left off, we were discussing the proper attire for court. Here’s a quick refresher:

DO show up a few minutes early for your court appearance, and check the docket to ensure your case is listed. If it isn’t, then showing up early will give you time to find out what courtroom your case has been moved to. Remember – if it doesn’t show up on the list of the courtroom you were given, then that DOES NOT mean you get to just go home!!!

If you’re not sure how to find your new court room number, call your attorney. Our clients know they can call Set’Em Free Bail Bonds Dallas at 214-941-2245 any time to get assistance with any last minute court room changes.

DO wear a suit if possible. If you don’t have a suit, then men should wear properly fitted slacks and shirt – no baggy pants with underwear showing! Ladies should wear a suit if possible. If not, then wear slacks and an appropriate blouse, dress, or skirt and top.


Wear see-through garments
Soiled or dirty clothes
Excessive jewelry
Dress as if going out to the club (mini skirts, hooker or platform heels, excessive make-up)
Clothes that show the midriff
Clothes with wording or graphics that are obscene, promote illegal or questionable activity, sex acts, profanity or violence!
Tube or halter tops
Flip flops
Muscle shirts
A-shirts (commonly known as wife-beaters)
Gum chewing

Also remember to either turn your cell phone off, or place it on vibrate. […]

How To Dress For Your Court Appearance -Part 1

How To Dress For Your Dallas County Court Appearance

So you’ve got your court date, you’ve made arrangements to get to court on time, and you know exactly which courtroom you need to be in.

Everything covered?

Nope, not yet! How much research have you done on courtroom etiquette? None? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

How you present yourself in court is very important – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! This is especially true if you are appearing for a trial. Did you the way most people are treated or perceived is more than likely based on how they’ve presented themselves? First impressions are very important, and also very hard to change later. If a person presents themselves in a negative light, i.e., appearing unkept, conversation littered with foul language, etc., that person will most likely be perceived as ignorant and unintelligent. On the other hand, if a person has a clean appearance, has obviously taken time in their personal hygiene, and can carry on a normal conversation, then that person will most likely be perceived as someone with reasonable intelligence. Notice I said “normal” conversation. No one is expecting you to be a rocket scientist!

These perceptions carry over into the courtroom with the judge, prosecuting attorney and most importantly, with the jury.

You’ve heard that phrase “Attitude Is Everything.” Well, that is certainly true inside a courtroom. Your attitude and demeanor can go a long way in influencing the outcome of your trial. So in order to help you prepare for your day in court, here are some helpful tips:


Do show up to your court appearance early -this way if there are any unforeseen problems like unexpectedly having to spend 30 minutes trying to find a […]

Dallas County Bail vs. Bonds – What’s The Difference?

Dallas County Bail & Bonds

Many people are either confused about the difference between the terms bail and bond or may use the terms interchangeably.
There is a difference between the two.

When someone is arrested and taken into custody (taken to jail), they must go before a judge or magistrate to be arraigned. During the arraignment the judge informs them of their charges and sets the terms and conditions of their bail – provided bail is made available.

There may be certain circumstances where a defendant may not be awarded bail. This can happen when the defendant is considered a flight risk or a threat to the public. In these situations the judge will deny bail which means the defendant can not be released from jail before their trial has completed.

For defendants who are awarded bail, the judge will set a bail amount.

Definition of Bail

Bail is the amount the defendant most pay in order to be released from jail while awaiting their trial date. The bail amount is set based on the nature of the charges and the defendants past arrest history. If the offense being charged is minor in nature, the bail amount will most likely be small – as little as a couple hundred dollars. If the offense being charged is considered more serious then the bail amount will be higher.

Bail is the money that is put up as security to assure that the defendant will appear for all court dates until the final disposition. Defendants have the option to put up cash but if the amount is large, the average person may not have the funds available.

That’s where Set’Em Free Bail Bonds comes in.


The defendant – or the defendant’s family can call us (a bondsman) […]

Does Posting Dallas Bail Bonds Hurt Your Credit?

Dallas Bail Bonds and Credit

The short answer is “No”. Posting a Dallas bail bond, or any bail bonds for that matter, should have no effect on your credit whatsoever. Whether you’re posting bail bonds with the County or with a Dallas Bail Bondsman, your credit should not be a factor.

If you post a cash bond with the City or County, as long as the defendant makes all necessary court appearances the bond amount should be returned to you, minus any court related fees. These fees are generally minimal.

If you go though a Dallas Bail Bonds Agent, then the bond agent will post the bond on behalf of the defendant, and your premium will just be a portion of the total bond amount. Once the bond is posted by the bail bonds agent, then the premium is said to have been earned.

Just as posting a bond with the City or County does not affect your credit, working with a bail bonds agent to get a bond posted does not affect your credit either.

If, on the other hand, you’ve taken out a loan or been placed on a payment plan and you do not honor the payment agreement, there is a possibility that your credit can be affected. But of course, as the co-signer, you have complete control over this situation by simply staying in compliance with the terms of your agreement.

If you find that circumstances prevent you from making scheduled payments, then get in contact with your bond agent. Most agents will be happy to work with you and may possibly make adjustments to your payment plan to make it easier for you […]

Texas No Refusal Weekend

Advice From Dallas Bail Bonds Company

Thinking About Having One For The Road?

Better Think Again! Better Think Again!!

Just a reminder from Set’Em Free Bail Bonds Dallas that this 4th of July weekend is a No Refusal weekend. What that means is if an officer requests that you take a test to determine whether or not you are intoxicated or under the influence (that’s Alcohol OR Drugs…including Prescription Drugs that hinder your ability operate a vehicle) you DO NOT have the right to refuse and a blood test will be forcibly administered and video taped under the direction of medical staff, and any other personnel deemed appropriate.

If you don’t like that idea it’s very easy to avoid the entire situation. Don’t drive while under the influence!! If you find yourself in this situation, call a friend, call a cab or just stay put! It really isn’t work the risk.

Set’Em Free Bail Bonds Dallas has extensice expertise in the bail bonds industry. We provide Dallas County Bail Bonds for felony, misdemeanor and traffic related offenses. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 214-941-2245. We’re ready to help!

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Too Funny

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with bail bonds, but as I’ve said many times before – sometimes I just see stuff and think its funny as hell!

Have you seen the Carl’s Jr and Hardy’s commercial where all the roosters are flooding into the parking lot and going nuts to get inside the store because they are advertising larger chicken breasts?

Commercial cracks me UP! That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are!

Learn How Individuals Benefit from the Bail Bond Industry

How an Individual Benefits from the Bail Bond Industry

There are many ways that an individual might be affected by the legal system. For instance, it is possible that someone can end up in jail on minor charges. The Constitution of the United States offers protection and certain rights to those who are being accused of a crime. One way that the individual is offered protection is that bail cannot be set at excessive amounts for the crime that was allegedly committed. The quickest way to gain release from jail is of course to secure bail, but acquiring that freedom is not the only benefit that is obtained.

Dallas Bail Bonds Help Individuals in Preparing Their Defense

It can take a lot of preparation to prepare the defense when a person is planning on fighting a charge that’s been filed against them. This job is not a simple task and is made much more difficult when confined to a cell. If an individual is in jail they are not able to travel to collect evidence or find witnesses that can speak on their behalf. When bail is posted, it allows the individual the time needed to make preparations for their defense.

Financial Benefits

When a person gets arrested there is no guarantee that they will have a job when they get out. If bail is not posted very soon after it has been set they may miss several days of work. Even if their boss is understanding and chooses not to terminate their employment, they will still be out several days of pay. This can be a substantial amount of money. In many cases, a bail bondsman can post bail for an individual within just a few hours so that […]

Bail Bondsmen In Dallas County, TX Help Cities and Communities

How Bail Bondsmen In Dallas County, TX Help Cities and Communities

There are many ways in which bail bondsmen positively affect communities. These benefits are felt beyond a solitary community and reach to the city and county areas as well. It is easy to think that the only person benefiting from the bail posted by a bondsman is the individual who is being accused of a crime and perhaps their immediate families. But the extent of positive influence is felt throughout the community and beyond. Here are just a few of the ways that bail bondsmen are helpful to communities.

Dallas, TX Bail Bonds Help Decreased Jail Population
When a person is charged with a crime and arrested most often they will have the opportunity to post bail. Bail allows the individual to be released from jail while they wait for their trial or hearing. A bondsman posts bail for an individual so that they can be released and spend their time waiting for trial outside the jail population. Remember, an individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law – something some people tend to forget. Jail overcrowding has been a growing concern for communities for many years. If a jail reaches its set capacity, then authorities have to perform some type of action to help alleviate the problem. In some cases they release non-dangerous offenders who have already been convicted of a crime and sentenced. And in other cases, they simply cannot make proper arrests if they have no place to take the accused offender. These two alternatives are not acceptable and can wreak havoc on a community. The citizens would have an increased concern for their safety when offenders are left […]