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Have A Warrant For Your Arrest?

Got A Warrant? Before you turn yourself in…

So you just found out you have a warrant out for your arrest. Your first thought: “&*%$#@!! Now What?!” Did you forget to pay a traffic ticket, or maybe you didn’t show up for a scheduled court appearance. Or maybe you moved and forgot to notify the court of your new address so you didn’t get the court date notification. Whatever the case, if you’ve got a warrant then before you run down to the courthouse and turn yourself in there are some things you need to be aware of, and some things you should definitely do FIRST!

Know Exactly What You Are Being Charged With – if you aren’t sure what the charges are or what they are for then you need to make a few phone calls to the city or county (or whoever initiated the warrant) to get clarification.

Find Out If The Charge Is Bondable – Most charges are bondable, but in Texas there are some that aren’t. For example: traffic citations where you previously set up a payment plan and then didn’t make the required payments. Those turn into fines, which most times have to be paid in full. But most regular citations where the warrant is issued because you missed court are easily bondable.

Once you have this information, then you can start making some informed decisions. Is your warrant for something that can be handled quickly and easily? Determine if it’s a situation where you can get a bondsman to go with you, do a Walk-Thru bond to lift the warrant and reset the court date, then that may be your easiest, quickest and least […]

Jail Release With Dallas County Bail Bonds

Getting Out Of Jail With Dallas County Bail Bonds

Ok, you’ve been arrested and are sitting in a Dallas County jail and need Dallas County Bail Bonds!! ☹

Right now these is only one thing going through your mind – how do I get OUT?!?

There are generally only a few ways to accomplish this task:

  1. Stay in jail until your trial occurs and your case is disposed of and waiting out your sentence (if you are found guilty).
  2. Posting the full amount of the bail bond or bail bonds if there is more than one charge, then awaiting the conclusion of your case before you receive your funds back – minus any court ordered fees.
  3. Using a Surety Agent or Dallas County Bail Bonds Agent to post your bail bonds for immediate jail release.

Dallas County Bail Bonds If you post the full amount of the bond, you will need to use cash or some sort of property the court deems valuable enough to cover the cost of the bail bond. If you use a Dallas Bail Bonds agent, you will be required to pay a premium to cover the cost of the Surety bail bond. Either way, you will be required to show up in court for all scheduled court dates in order to keep your bonds in place.

Getting The Dallas Bail Amount Set

For Dallas County bail bonds, if you have been arrested you will be required to go before a judge or magistrate before your bail bond amount is set. Depending on the timing of your arrest, you may have to wait several hours before being seen by a judge.

The Dallas Bail Bond amount will be determined by the judge […]

Tips On Preparing For Your Day In Court

Dallas Bail Bondsman Tips on Going To Court


#1 TIP – Do not miss your court date

MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t miss any of your court dates without being excused by the judge, prosecutor, public defender or your lawyer in advance of your court date. For criminal cases, not appearing in court will most likely result in the court issuing a summons or bench warrant for your arrest and your bond being forfeited. You may also be held in contempt of court.

If you do miss your court date, contact our Dallas Bail Bonds office immediately – our bondsmen can help you get your bond reinstated as long as you contact us quickly. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get the reinstatement!

Allow plenty of time to travel to court
If you are driving to court in Dallas County, be sure to allow ample time for parking, and be sure to bring money for parking. If parking in a lot, be prepared to pay up to $10 dollars per day, depending on where you park. Parking near the Lew Sterrett Justice Center ranges in price from $2 to $5 dollars per day. Parking near the court buildings downtown are a little higher.

Go to the correct courtroom
Make sure you know which court you must appear in. If you are unsure, call our office – we will be happy to provide that information to you. Make sure you get your court information ahead of time. Once you arrive at the court building, there will be directories and signs that will help you find the correct courtroom. You can also ask at the information booth.

Dress appropriately
While there is no written dress code for the courtrooms, certain attire is not […]

Need To Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts and Court Dates?

First Things First…

Your friend or loved one has been arrested and you just want to know whats going on.  Well here are some helpful links to the Dallas County Sherrif’s Department that may help you get some answers.

Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts:

The easiest way to check the Bail Bond amounts yourself in Dallas County is to go to the Dallas County Jail Lookup system (  Once on their site, you can enter the defendant’s information – last name, first name, race and sex are required entries.  If you find that no bond amounts have been set, then it is possible that the defendant hasn’t gone before the Magistrate yet.  Bonds are not automatically set as soon as a defendant is booked in.   Each defendant goes before the Magistrate to have their bonds set.  The count times occur throughout the day at scheduled intervals, so there could be a few hours between the time a defendant is booked in and the time they go before the Magistrate.

You can also call the Dallas County Bail Bond Desk at 214-761-9025 and follow the prompts.  Since that desk is usually very busy, be prepared to stay on hold for a while.

And of course, you can always call us at Set’Em Free Bail Bonds at 214-941-2245.  We will be happy to do the leg work for you to get all of the information.  Our professional, knowledgeable Dallas Bail Bond Agents can answer your questions and arrange a Bail Bond once the amounts are set.

Find […]