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Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bond Company

Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bonds Company

Randy Quaid, the down and out actor, and his wife Evi were arrested for burglary and illegal squatting in the guest house of their former residence back in September, 2010. Since then they have missed court dates and attempted to flee to Canada claiming they were being persecuted in the US and their lives were in danger.

The Quaids, are no stranger’s to run-ins with the law, and they certainly are not strangers to dishing out law suits. The IRS charged Quaid of not paying taxes back in 2004. And in 2006, Quaid sued Focus Features, which is the art house films division of NBC Universal, because he didn’t feel he was paid enough for the small role he had in Brokeback Mountain. Then again, in 2009 he and his wife were arrested for skipping out on their $10,000 bill.

The couple missed their court appearances related to the hotel bill in 2009 and 2010. When they did finally show up – for whatever reason – they brought in Quaid’s 1987 Golden Globe award (not sure what that was for). They eventually sued their attorney as well, claiming he had stolen their money.

Apparently now they are suing the bail bonds company for posting their bonds without their consent!

So, let’s go over how the bail bond process works…

When someone is arrested – in this case, the Quaids – a friend, family member or someone else associated with the jailed individual will contact a bail bonds company about posting a bail bond on their behalf. Usually the bail bonds company requires a co-signer (or multiple co-signers) to guarantee the bond. Also, the defendant(s) are required to come […]

Michael Dunn Verdict

Dallas Bail Bonds Update on Michael Dunn Verdict

Juror No. 4 Valerie, who has asked that her full name not be disclosed in order to protect her privacy, believes Michael Dunn should have bee convicted of first degree murder in the fatal shooting death of Jordan Davis.

During an interview with ABC’s Nightline on Wednesday Valerie said she believed Dunn was guilty. Dunn was convicted of 3 counts of attempted murder after firing 10 shots into an SUV where teenagers were sitting listening to loud music that he didn’t like.

Saturday Dunn was convicted by a Florida jury on the three counts of attempted murder and 1 count of shooting into the vehicle, but the additional charge of first degree murder in the death of Jordan Davis resulted in a hung jury. Prosecutor Angela Corey said she would seek a new trial on the charge.

Valerie says the jury was split on the first degree murder charge because they couldn’t agree on the issue of self-defense. Florida laws state the use of deadly force is justifiable if someone reasonably believes that force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. Valerie stated the jury first voted 10-2 in favor of the first degree murder charge, then further into the deliberations the vote changed from 10-2 to 9-3.

Dunn testified that Davis threatened him and that he saw a gun although no gun was discovered by police and Dunn never mentioned the gun to anyone, including his fiancée who was present during the shooting.

The juror said all of the jurors, including herself, felt like Dunn crossed the line when he continued shooting into the SUV even as the driver fled to protect […]

Michael Dunn Loud Music Murder Trial

Loud Music Murder Trial.

A Florida jury is now deliberating the fate of a white Florida resident accused of murdering a black teen during an argument at a gas station over the teen’s loud music. The jury’s decision could come today in this highly watched and highly publicized case.

Michael Dunn claims he acted in self-defense when he opened fire on four teenagers in their SUV in Jacksonville back in November of 2012. Prosecutors have charged Dunn with first-degree murder in the death of 17 year old Jordan David, and three counts of attempted murder for the other three teens inside the SUV.

Many are comparing this case to the George Zimmerman case where Zimmerman claimed self-defense for the murder of Trayvon Martin after he instigated an altercation with the young black youth.

But defense attorney Cory Strolla doesn’t think the cases are similar. He points out that there was an actual physical altercation between Zimmerman and Martin, but that there was no physical altercation between the teens who were all inside the SUV and Dunn, who was inside his own vehicle.

Dunn claims the youth “could have had a gun” and he for that reason he felt threatened. He took his 9mm out of the holster and fired 10 rounds into the SUV, 3 of which were fired as the SUV was attempting to flee from Dunn’s gunfire.

Strolla claims his client did not wait to become a victim, but Assistant State Attorney Erin Wolfson feels Dunn’s claims don’t add up. She says Dunn’s claim of feeling threatened don’t line up with his actions. Dunn never attempted to take cover or leave the area. In fact, he opened his car door. […]

A. C. Gonzales Named New Dallas City Manager

New Dallas City Manager A.C. Gonzales

Interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez has been named Dallas City Manager by a vote of 15-0. Gonzalez has been with the City of Dallas for 14 years, and has served in municipal management positions for 28 years.

Gonzalez was appointed Interim City Manager in June, 2013. Even though the vote was 15-0, the council was initially split with some members being open to hiring in someone from outside that would possibly bring in a fresh view.

Other opposition included the Dallas Fraternal Order Of Police. Richard Todd, President of the organization, stated in a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings and the City Council that his group had concerns that maintaining the status quo would be detrimental to our members.

Todd went on to state that although they had not met with other candidates, his organization could not in good conscious support the selection of A.C. Gonzalez as the City Manager of the City of Dallas.

Gonzalez faces many challenges in his new position. Mayor Rawlings has made it known he wants the City to be more accountable.

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Author: Patrick Hill

Allen, TX Man Convicted In Brutal Assault

Allen Man Convicted of Kidnapping And Assault

Joseph Julian Guerra was sentenced to 60 years in prison by a Collin County jury for the abduction and savage beating of Margaret Dodd in his Allen, TX home in July, 2012. Guerra was also fined $10,000.

Guerra was charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

During the trial evidence was presented that showed Guerra had agreed to act as Dodd’s pimp. After a money dispute, Guerra was accused of taping up Dodd’s hands and feet, and covering her mouth with tape to keep her quiet while he beat her in his Allen home.

According to Dodd’s attorney, Cynthia Walker, Guerra beat Dodd for several hours by hitting her with his fists, kicking her, hitting her with a skillet, hitting her with a wrench, choking her and carving his nickname “Ace” into her thigh with a knife.

Dodd managed to escape for Guerra only after he had fallen asleep. Walker presented photographs of Dodd that showed evidence of the severe beating. Dodd’s injuries included a broken nose, a lost tooth and several cuts on her legs where Guerra had used a knife to carve his nickname.

Defense attorney Glenn Adams argued that this was not an aggravated kidnapping because Dodd went to Guerra’s home willingly and said doctors who treated Dodd said her injuries were not life threatening.

Guerra has had previous convictions for alcohol and drug related crimes and was actually on probation when he attacked and beat Margaret Dodd. Defense attorney Adam requested a sentence of 15 years in prison, which is the minimum term for Guerra charges.

But prosecuting attorneys asked that Guerra be put away for a long time because he is a bad person who […]

Importance of Bail Bonds Recognized

Bail Bonds Importance In Other States
Lawmakers in Wisconsin are trying to resurrect private bail bonding in the state. Wisconsin has not had a private bail bonds industry since 1979. It appears about two years ago lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to expand the state’s budget by allowing privately run bail bonds companies in the state of Wisconsin with no luck.

The opponents of the law include defense attorneys, sheriffs, court clerks, prosecutors and judges. The governor vetoed the bill back in June, 2011. Opponents of the bill claim its an assault on forward thinking justice systems that determines the defendant’s risk of not showing up for court by analyzing objective evidence, and that other states should do the same.

The opponents also claim a private bail bonds system would harm public safety, crime victims, would cost taxpayers, bring inflated bail amounts and invite corruption while not necessarily getting more defendants to court as required.

But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos does not agree. Speaker Vos said allowing bail bondsmen would increase the number of defendants who show up for court and reduce costs for the court system – which would make it a good proposal to put back into the state budget.

The American Bail Coalition has jumped into the fray by hiring Capitol lobbyist Eric Petersen. Other studies have shown that the private bail bonds industry provides a very needed service, and is effective in getting more defendants to court on time. Of course this, in turn, reduces the funds spent by courts to track down these defendants.

It also makes outside parties responsible for ensuring the defendant get’s to court as required, and helps lessen that burden off of law enforcement entities.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

If you are […]

Please Pray For Our Country!

I couldn’t believe it – here we go AGAIN!! Another psychopath has decided to take the lives of innocent people, this time in our nation’s capital! I have so many thoughts and emotions about these types of events that I don’t even know where to start. How did we get here? Over the past 25 years it appears these mass killings are happening more and more.

  • Is it because as a society we have distanced ourselves from each other?
  • Is it because so many people have the attitude that they don’t want to get involved when they see things that aren’t right?
  • Maybe it’s because our country has generated so many individuals who feel “entitled” that when things don’t go their way, they believe violence is the only answer.
  • I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read and heard from actual friends about their kids getting mad at them because they didn’t buy the kid the exact car they wanted, or a particular gaming station, or the outfit by the designer that is popular with the other kids at school this week!

I wonder how many signs this most recent shooter displayed that were totally ignored because nobody wanted to get involved? I’m asking these questions because, like you, I don’t have the answers. All I know is that I am saddened by today’s events and I pray for the victims, families and Emergency Responders that don’t get to just watch this on TV then go to bed, and have their world be ok in the morning!

I’m asking everyone to Please Pray For This Country!

So sad 🙁

Author: Patrick Hill

TX-DOT Click It Or Ticket Campaign

The Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) launched its 12 annual Click It or Ticket campaign at a press conference today, Monday 20, 2013. The campaign is inspired by the legacy of President Johnson, who 45 years ago signed legislation requiring automakers to install seat belts in all automobiles.

The legislation signed by President L. Johnson has saved hundreds of thousands of lives over the years and is one of the best pieces of legislation passed with regard to general public safety.

This year a special emphasis will be placed on pickup trucks because seat belt use among those drivers and occupants continues to lag behind other vehicles in the state.

If you are driving or are an occupant in any vehicle, please use your seat belt. It could mean the difference in walking away from an accident or being carried away in an ambulance with the lights blaring, or even worse, being carried away without the need for lights at all!! 🙁

Law enforcement officers across the state will be checking to ensure drivers and occupants are wearing their seat belts properly, and have been specifically trained to spot drivers and occupants who try to “fake” wearing their seat belts. They’ve run several commercials lately that are a bit on the comical side showing some of the silly things people do to give the illusion they are wearing their seat belts, but make no mistake – the commercials are made to bring attention to a very serious matter. And it WON’T be funny when they write that ticket!

It only takes a second to fasten your seat belt, and that simple action could very easily save your life.

Do it for yourself – Do it for your family!

Have An Opinion On The Gun Control Debate?

Trying To Figure Out Fact From Fiction In The Gun Control Debate? Well, You’re Not Alone!

It seems that everyone has an opinion of just exactly how all this should play out.  The problem is that there seems to be just as much misinformation as there are legitimate points.  One of the great things about this country is our freedom of speech.  But a by-product of that freedom is the staggering amount of falsehoods and “spins” that are generated.  Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but when someone tries to sway me to their side of thinking, I try to make it a point to keep an open mind and do as much research as possible.  I don’t have a problem changing my opinion if I find that it was based on inaccurate information.  By the same token, I have no intention of changing my mind just because some celebrity says I should!

Jeffrey Goldberg, a columnist for Bloomberg View, has a very interesting article where he attempts to debunk just a few of the many myths surrounding gun control and the renewed vigor of the debate due to the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Actually, his article is on point, but as you can imagine, commenters generally have their own agenda, aren’t interested in anything that is counter to what they have been led to believe, and unknowingly (or knowingly) go off on rants and tangents that reinforce his points.  I often wonder if some of these bloggers are paid to make snarky, and sometimes crude, statements that keep commenters coming back to defend their positions.  I know several news outlets employ this tactic, and in many instances it appears to work because […]